Rowdy’s Dream Blog #53

Mexican Coins

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #53
I despair at the utter plainness of US coins
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I am sitting with my brother-in-law in the cluttered back yard of a two-story government house on the street of my childhood home. I am holding a line with a lure and a hook. There are a few inches of water on the ground. I cast the line and retrieve some trash with goldfish trapped in it. I throw them back.

I notice that that my brother-in-law has opened my toolbox. All my tools are spread out on the ground. He hands me a few Mexican coins. A ‘centavo’ has an impression of an important official building on one side. As I examine it, part of the relief is transformed into a matching hologram that flashes beautiful rainbow colors. I despair at the utter plainness of US coins.
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