Rowdy’s Dream Blog #55

The Obelisk: El Sarge

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #55
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I am on a journey. Somehow I’ve gotten separated from My girlfriend, G. I’ve been riding in a jeep with my friend who tells me we will meet the others in a few days and that he needs me to stay with him. We stop for lunch. We sit at a covered picnic table in a small mountain town and eat cookies from a coffee can. A large man in a cowboy hat sitting at the next table makes a political joke: "How can you spot a useless senator? He speaks Burmese and he …" The cowboy steals our can and everyone laughs. I decide to leave my friend behind and attempt to drive our jeep up El Capitan. I watch as other cars take runs at it and slip back down unsuccessfully. I then notice G’s small truck climbing up and rounding a corner. She does not reappear. She must have made it. I drive full speed up from the base and arrive, uneventfully in a parking lot just short of the summit. I meet my family. We all walk out to a huge open area flanked by gigantic vertical canyon walls. A few steps down we find burning tiki torches,and a 12-foot stone obelisk bearing a brass placard. My brother sits in front of it. I ask him if it says ‘El Sarge’.
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