Rowdy’s Dream Blog #7


Brutus De Cervantes
1 min read
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I am riding my mountain bike up the road to the ski hill with a group of friends. I realize I have forgotten my skis (a recurring theme) but I’m having fun and decide to keep going. One of my friends points out the trail to"Diamondhead," reported to be a large field with magnificent views. We are warned that there is a danger of getting lost out there. I look down and notice a large mushroom by my feet. We decide to take the trail, which starts out under a dense canopy of overgrowth. Heavy tree limbs fly over our heads as we ride.

We break into a clearing and find ourselves on a platform above the field.All we can see in every direction is grassland, stretching out for hundreds of miles. Small grey tornadoes wander back and forth in the distance.

I return home to find all my stuff piled on the living room floor. I am being asked to move out.
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