Rowdy’s Dream Blog #72

A Chicken And Cat Dismembering Device

Brutus De Cervantes
2 min read
RowdyÕs Dream Blog #72
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I am on a long journey. I stop for gas at a Texaco station late at night. It appears to be closed – all the lights are out, but upon closer inspection, I see that it is still open for business. Customers mill around in the glow of the beer signs. Inside, the old proprietor urges me to come out and look at his prized possession – a chicken and cat dismembering device housed in the ceiling of one of the garage bays. It is constructed from several layers of slowly spinning, horizontally overlapping rustic oak wagon wheels. I remark that it is similar to a device I had seen in an earlier dream. Chicken feet, cat fur, blood and feathers litter the floor. At the old man’s invitation, I peer into the hopper on the roof. Suddenly I find myself being lowered head first into the hopper. I can see the guy blandly looking up at me from below as the splintering spokes begin to wrap around me. Fortunately, I am able to reach a switch and reverse the mechanism, causing the machine to eject me an instant before I am pulverized. I am swiftly launched into the next dream, where, it seems I have decided to take a swim while wearing my tweed sport coat. As I climb out of the pool, I am amazed to discover that the slim-jims, pretzel-crackers and a small plastic cup of ice cream with a spoon that had been in my pocket all still seem to be dry.
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