Rowdy’s Dream Blog #73

Small Godzilla

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #73
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I sit at a theater desk in a college auditorium. The mathematics professor’s gender is ambiguous. He/she skillfully but inappropriately performs expert ballet piorettes and leaps as he/she delivers his/her lecture, banging out intricate and elegant proofs from one end of the blackboard to the other. I notice that the professor’s pet snake in a terrarium on the stage has matured into a small godzilla. The creature appears to have a painful abscessed tooth that cuts its lip toward its eye. After class I drive down Central past members of a millennium cult. They meet approaching doom by scooting around in hooded robes on their backs, scouring the sidewalks and impeding foot traffic. They all have green, glowing eyes.
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