Rowdy’s Dream Blog #74

3-D Video Game

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #74
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I have written a 3-D video game. It initiates with colored crystal patterns that coalesce into a large tunnel. Players travel through the tunnel which opens onto a high aerial view of a vast ancient/future city. The player descends upon a huge open-air arena and lights on a tower above the arena’s enormous entrance gate. Throngs of people cheer wildly from the walls and towers surrounding the high-walled promenade that leads into the arena. Huge beasts, dinosaurs and giant bulls stampede out onto the field. My brother and I turn to watch the spectacle within but are confronted by a wall of TV screens, all displaying active games of "Quake". We must now turn over the correct sequence of dice to enable our shooting buttons. "C’mon, they’re getting us!" he yells.
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