S.o.s. From Black Market Goods

Marisa Demarco
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S.O.S. From Black Market Goods
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Looks like Black Market Goods (formerly Stove) at 114 Morningside NE is in jam.

Swing by tonight for the S.O.S. (Support Our Space) Show at 8 p.m.

Word on the street is that our lease may not be renewed this year. What we need to do is show that we are a good outlet for the community, that we are built by the artists for the artists and that we are a legitimate gallery business. How can you help?

1. Well, you can always support us with a donation

As you know we pay for this space out of our own pockets and your donations help pay the rent too. So if you would like to donate a dollar, a quarter, a gajillion dollars or whatever the amount it is always appreciated. This will help us show those corporate fat cats! And like any fat cat, if you throw money at it, they will be happy.

Come down and give us your John Hancock .

Sign our support sheet, showing our landlords that people do care and they want a gallery like ours. That we are built by the community supporting their local artists, musicians, photographers and crafty bastards. We don’t have to have sweater vests and pretentious cheeses to be considered a gallery.

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