"I Saw You" on New Year’s Eve

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Day of The Dead Redhead: Jenny

We met at Jesse and Xavier's birthday/All Souls' Day party and discovered we both attended the same CA university. I asked when you graduated. You bashfully said a long time ago. I sensed that you think I am much younger than I really am which happens a lot.

All was going wonderfully as the party moved downtown for dancing. Then suddenly you said you had to leave. I would love to continue where we left off. I realize this is a shot in the dark, but let us defy the odds :) Happy New Year!!

Take A Step that is New

I saw you Jack with Chrissy New Year's Eve at the Walgreens checkout line. Both of you were dressed up to go to a roaring '20s party—Great Gatsby, no? She was dressed in a glittery dress; you looked quite dapper in that zoot suit. You were enraptured and bent down to kiss her as if posing for a photograph. You finally found that love you were looking for. Love the sh** out of her, Jack; treasure her and don't take her for granted (perhaps my mistake with you).

Not Too Late

I saw you at Sandia Casino the night the Mavericks were playing. You are the security guard wearing the blue jacket. You are very big with a bald head and awesome gray beard. I am the tall brunette and was wearing the red dress. You made a comment about my 6" high heels. You said no, but my offer to buy you a drink still stands … hope you are interested!

Swiss Alps, December 28th

Noticing you (sitting in a corner with others) barely slowed my walk up to the counter, but the look I got back from you added a lot to my contemplation of the pastry case, and it froze me again before I left. Did my chat with the clerk about a friend's allergies make you think he was more than a friend? I wanted to clear it up with more eye signals … but was already late for his and his girlfriend's holiday brunch.