San Ysidro Day

Adam Fox
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San Ysidro Day
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You won’t find another place in the country more steeped in Catholic customs and centuries-old traditions than New Mexico, so it comes as no surprise that a day dedicated to the patron saint of farmers is still observed, even against the backdrop of modern industry. Today starting at 10 a.m., San Ysidro Day begins as a procession at the San Ysidro Carousel (Isleta and Arenal SW). Follow musicians, dancers and religious leaders to Sanchez Farm (Arenal and Lopez SW) for a blessing of the acequias and farms. Following the events, attend a matanza with proceeds benefitting the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias. Parking is available at St. Anne’s Church (1400 Arenal SW). For more, email or call 842-7343. (Adam Fox)
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