Santigold And “Girls”

Singer/Rapper Releases New Song For Hit Show Soundtrack.

Mark Lopez
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Santigold and ÒGirlsÓ
Cover for Girls Vol. 1: Music from the HBO Original Series .
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Santigold’s self-titled debut dropped in 2008 and put to rest any notion that she was merely riding the colorful wave of success paved by rapper M.I.A. Santigold, born Santi White, proved that she had more skills than just rapping along to an electronic beat. On “Santigold,” fans could hear influences of punk, ska, electronic and hip-hop, and her polychromatic outfits made her visually intriguing as well.

Santigold also garnered praise with her somewhat similar yet sonically evolved second outing,
Master of My Make-Believe . But today she makes news for contributing a song to the soundtrack of the hit HBO series Girls , the brain-child of writer / director / actor Lena Dunham. The soundtrack hits stores and digital merchants next month, and features music by Robyn, Belle & Sebastian, Fleet Foxes and more. In the meantime, here’s a listen to Santigold’s “Girls.”
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