Scamming Fuckers Confusing Me

Levi Eleven
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Scamming Fuckers Confusing Me
A scamming fucker confusing me.
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We all know free credit report dot com is a scam, right? It’s $30 a month. Apparently they get plenty of suckers though, since their ad budget seems like it makes up about half of all television ads in the day. That guy who sings the annoyingly catchy jingles? HE’S CANADIAN. You should know not to trust them right there, the maple-swilling scum.

Anyway, it’s such a great scam (better than identity theft, it seems) that they have competition: Free triple score dot com. The commercials are almost as intrusive, landing somewhere between free credit report and
"Head on, apply directly to your wallet." I don’t watch much commercial TV, preferring DVD and internet for show watching, but I often put it on as background noise when I work from home. I can’t work to music; I find it too distracting. I end up singing along or tapping out drum beats on my desk, finally realizing an hour has passed and I got nothing done. Television just turns into white noise, one “Law & Order” rerun blurring into the next. It lets me pretend I’m not alone all the time. But these ads (both of them) always break through and throw me off.

That’s neither here nor there, my real topic today is this: What gives with those commercial’s website plugs? The free triple score one constantly repeats the address and even has people holding up signs [see photo].

But check it: the text on the bottom, which remains there throughout the ad, reads "f…t…s..
91 .com" What’s with the 91 ? When you type it in an address bar, it just forwards you to the normal site. I guess they bought the numbers up through 100 at least (I’m not doing any more research than that). Were they assuming someone would squat on, say, number 54? That they would lose business to slightly shadier competition that thought would really take off? It’s common for business to buy up sites that might be common misspellings or mistakes near their address so other people don’t take advantage. Amazon owns amaxon , and myapace  is a semi-porn links page example of what happens if you don’t watch your back.

But it seems really unlikely someone would accidentally type the number 91 behind the address they meant to go to. Let’s say they did: It’s just a redirect anyway.
Why not advertise using the actual address ? They aren’t squatting or trying to coattail, they own the real domain. Could it have to do with Google? When you type in freetriple…com, you get three sponsored ads for competitors who must have meta-tagged the other scammer’s address (no honor among thieves I suppose). If that’s the case, why not relentlessly plug the backup address? Brand recognition? Why not take a portion of the ubiquitous television budget to buy a better Google slot? It just doesn’t make any sense, help me out here.

In any case, if you need your credit report and are unwilling to pay for a legit one (which, let’s face it, if you can’t afford
that , do you really need to be buying on more credit?) you can always try an actually free way.

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