Screw Cotton Candy!

Christie Chisholm
2 min read
What is this blue crap? I want some freakin’ grilled corn!
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All right, that sounded dirtier than I intended. What I mean is: cotton candy is tired, or at least maybe you’re tired of it. Want something new? I just got an e-mail from Sen. Dede Feldman, promoting Farmers’ Market Day at the State Fair this Sunday, Sept. 10. Apparently, among other things, they’re roasting delicious local produce and letting you sample it for free. Free! Here’s the skinny, straight from my inbox:

"Tired of cotton candy and corn dogs?  Farmers’ Markets from around the state will set up their tables at the State Fair from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday September 10 in the courtyard of the Agricultural Pavilion.  Farmers from 14 different markets around the state will display their local produce and volunteers will be grilling eggplants, onions, corn squash, corn and organic chicken—all free for the tasting. 

Representatives from the Mora Farmers’ Market will showcase wheat from Costilla and lamb products, including wool from area sheep.  Los Ranchos Farmers’ Marketers will bring cookbooks and photo displays from the nearby village, and other tables will feature educational displays about different kinds of local produce available in their markets. 

Other attractions include: New Mexico apples, chile roasting, a “Guess the Seed Contest” and a corn kernel sandbox for the kids."

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I’ll see you there, gnawing on some grilled corn.
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