Screw You, World Governments; I’m Going To Live On The Ocean

Christie Chisholm
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Screw You, World Governments; IÕm Going to Live on the Ocean
“Crap. I forgot my jacket. Can we go back?” (Wendy Sitler)
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Literally. Like, not in a boat. In a house. On the ocean.

Says CNET:

“If Patri Friedman gets his way, the area will also be remembered for birthing a political movement called
seasteading. The concept is as simple to explain as it will be difficult to achieve: erecting permanent dwellings on the high seas outside the territorial waters claimed by the world’s governments.”

So, what happens when there’s a hurricane? Exactly how far out to sea would these things be? How often would food be delivered? How many people would live there? Would colonies develop? Would these people not pay taxes? What about a police force? Aaaah, my brain’s exploding!

Still, the concept is scintillating if for no other reason than the appeal of living in a science-fiction fantasy.
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