Sen. Sanchez Misses Tie-Breaking Domestic Partnership Vote

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
Sen. Sanchez Misses Tie-Breaking Domestic Partnership Vote
Oh, hold on. Let me get this.
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It’s either passive-aggressive political maneuvering or a significant mistake.

It’s been known for days that the vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on
domestic partnerships would come down to Sen. Bernadette Sanchez. Last week, she said she was undecided.

I don’t have to tell you that debate on this issue is hot. The measure would give unwed couples, same-sex or not, many of the rights enjoyed by married people.

Today, Sanchez left the committee meeting just before the vote was cast and returned directly after it was over. This stalled the bill in a 5-5 tie. She says she was on an
important phone call.

The measure can be brought back up for a vote at any time, but it’s over unless a legislator changes his or her mind. Or wises up to advances in cell phone technology, such as voicemail.
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