Serious Spy Shit

Marisa Demarco
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Serious Spy Shit
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An elderly couple was arrested by the FBI on charges of being Cuban spies for 30 years. Walter Ken Myers (Agent 202) and his wife Gwendolyn (Agent 123. Really.) live in Washington, D.C.

Walter was a State Department official, and they’re accused of sending top-secret info about the United States to the Cuban government.

David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security:

The clandestine activity alleged in the charging documents, which spanned nearly three decades, is incredibly serious and should serve as a warning to any others in the U.S. government who would betray America’s trust by serving as illegal agents of a foreign government. We remain vigilant in protecting our nation’s secrets and in bringing to justice those who compromise them.

When did reality turn into a ’50s James Bond movie? How can I get back out?
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