Seven Cheap Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Nick Brown
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Seven Cheap ValentineÕs Gift Ideas
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1) Create a picture of a candy heart that says something dirty. I made mine say Ass Wipe and I’m going to send it to the Lady. Remember, though: it’s only a picture. It’s not real.

2) You can
write an I Saw You ad on Love Bird and it will run in the Alibi next week. It’s free. If you read one that says something something Ass Wipe, that’s from me. It’s for you.

3) The oldest trick in the book:
draw a picture.

4) Write a shitty
poem about witches.

5) Make a
tiny terrarium inside a lightbulb.

6) Two words:
back rub.

7) Find some
pretty rocks in the driveway.
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