Sex Offender Registry ... Well, Golly

Sex Offender Registry ... Well, Golly

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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I had no idea how many registered sex offenders there are in Albuquerque. Consider that few sexual assaults are reported, and that even fewer make it to court and still fewer result in convictions requiring someone to register as a sex offender. So when you discover the number of sex offenders living in your neighborhood, realize that it could be the tip of the iceburg.

I sound like I’m an anchor on “Dateline.”

A good friend is house hunting. He’s got a little daughter, so before he even calls a landlord, he checks the
sex offender registry.

Today, we punched in my University area zip code just to see. Holy inappropriate contact, Batman. This is not a good scene.

My old Barelas/Downtown zip code doesn’t fare much better, though more of the offenders are incarcerated.

Every zip code seem to bring up quite a few. You can see a pic of the offender, when they were convicted and what they were convicted for.

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