Sexy Time

Christie Chisholm
2 min read
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Dan Savage is a god. At least, he is among the sex, literate and sexually literate crowds.

If you don’t already know (and how could you not?), Dan Savage writes a syndicated column called
“Savage Love.” He’s also the editorial director of The Stranger in Seattle, a regular contributor to “This American Life” and the author of numerous books. For his “Savage Love” audience, he recently invited those on Facebook to ask him questions. He chose the top five “most original, intriguing questions” and answered them on video. The last of the five was released today. And now they’re all released here as well.

No. 1: “Most Interesting Thing Dan Has Learned Doing His Column”

No. 2: “Dan Savage on Strange Visions During Sex”

No. 3: This video was only posted on Facebook because it’s 9 seconds long. I can’t embed it, so here’s a transcript:

Q: “I’m teaching a class on love and sex. Give me your top picks for the book list.”

A: “Um, Gore Vidal’s essay “The Birds and the Bees” is all you need.”

No. 4: “Dan Savage’s Thoughts on Polyamorous Relationships”

No. 5: “Dan Savage on the Existence of Bisexuality”

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