Seymour Hersh And Attacking Iran

Tim McGivern
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Here's a personal email from a friend that I'm sharing with the blog, without attribution, but the point is so depressing it gives me pause and perhaps will give others call to action to oppose the Manichean nightmare that continues hell-bent and unabated at the Pentagon.

My friend writes: On a recent visit to Washington, I encountered a Central Asian diplomat for the second time in a couple of months. He isn’t stationed in Washington, so I asked why he was spending so much time here. “It’s sensitive,” he said, “but your Department of Defense is very eager to secure a lease on a naval station we have on the Caspian Sea. I think they want to use it to launch an amphibious assault on Iran.” He then started laughing at the total absurdity of the notion. However, I did not laugh. That is precisely what Wolfowitz, Feith, Cambone and company are up to. As Seymour Hersh details in his latest contribution (1), planning for a military assault on Iran is now at a feverish pitch, and a multipronged assault, including attacks from new U.S. bases in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq, is a critical element.

See The New Yorker, Jan. 24 & 31, 2005

The Annals of National Security



What the Pentagon can now do in secret.

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