Shameless Self Promotion!

Saturday, August 20, Burt'S Tiki Lounge.

Laura Marrich
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Maybe I'm abusing my access to the wired hearts and minds of our readers, but what the hell: I really think you all should come out and see my band play this Saturday! That's right—I'm in a band and we're called the Gracchi. And, in fact, we rule. And Captain America of the infamous Wig Wag Bam ( fanzine just wrote up one of our shows (!), which reads something like this:



… Finally, the Gracchi tore up the riff n' roll like bad boys cutting class to smoke cigs in the boys room. I'm willing to bet guitar-girl Laura snuck in there too to light up, cock-rocker that she is … like Lita Ford after a sex change, then deciding better of it and reverting back to female. Snip! Snip!

Their recorded stuff (sadly, only mp3's thus far; get on the ball you lazy f**ks!) belie a bit more melody than can be discerned beneath the assault of their live antics. On drums Jeffrey/JJ (another ex-Chaka boy!!) clowned it up more than Bozo on black beauties. The originals were great, the covers inspired if not easily recognizable (White Wedding, The Kids Are Alright) and their set outstanding, ear-ringing. Yeah, they got the bomp.

Did you get that? We got the bomp! And, er, I guess I'm somewhat of a she-male … but a bompin' she-male! A bompin' she-male!

We're playing this Saturday night, along Misfits tribute band The Misphats and maybe The Hollis Wake. It's gonna be a real freak show.

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