Shaq Attack!

Simon McCormack
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Shaq Attack!
For the Sun’s sake, this had better not backfire.
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In a move that could shake things up in the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns are set to acquire center Shaquile O’Neal from the Miami Heat. This blockbuster trade of the season sends all-star forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks to the Heat.

Here are a few questions the trade raises:

• What will this do to the Sun’s run-and-gun style?

• Can Shaq stay healthy enough to help the Suns?

• How much will the Suns miss Marion’s versatility and quickness?

• Will playing with the league’s best point guard, Steve Nash rejuvenate Shaq’s game?

• How long will it take for Shaq and the Suns to mesh and how many games will the Suns lose before this happens?

• How will Marion play without Nash creating his shots?

This is a HUGE trade for the Suns, and right now there are a lot of doubts about how successful the 35-year-old O’Neal will be in "the Valley of the Sun." But, Phoenix fans can finally say they have an honest to goodness center on their team, something they haven’t had in decades.

Here’s a
link to what some people around the league are saying about the trade.
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