Sick Dragon

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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I heard through the electric vine that the Blue Dragon Coffee House (1517 Girard NE at Indian School, 268-5159) isn’t doing so well at the moment. Time to freak out. If the Dragon goes down, it would be a serious loss to Albuquerque. As a haven for oddball music, poetry and other performances that don’t fit into the Downtown bar scene, or anywhere else in Albuquerque for that matter, the Blue Dragon is a unique place that deserves your support. (Their organic food and fair trade coffee ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.)

Want to help? Stop by the Dragon this Saturday and/or Sunday for live performances all weekend long, a benefit to keep them in business long enough to reorganize following a financial misfortune (that wasn’t the owner’s fault). Buy pizzas and coffee and baked goods and other delicious food. There’s no cover, but you should throw them a plump donation for good measure. It would be tragic if the Dragon died.
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