Silence The Soldiers

Updated Rule Says Soldiers Can’t Blog Without Superiors’ Consent

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Of all the people in the world who should be allowed free speech, it’s soldiers. That’s one of the freedoms they’re fighting for, right? got its hands on a copy of updated rules that say soldiers must not post a blog without approval from a commanding officer. Some say it could mean the end of military blogs.

The directive was issued April 19. Accordingly, soldiers can’t post blogs, comments on message boards, submit resumes or write letters home without permission from a C.O. And it’s not just soldiers. Civilians working for the military, contractors and soldiers’ families are also subject to the regulation.

Read an interview with the guy who wrote the new regulation.

Follow the thread on slashdot, where I first saw this thing, here.
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