Skinny Jeans Are Tapered Jeans

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
Nobody wants to see your ass in these.
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This summer’s leggings craze is bad enough, but not quite as bad as hordes of girls being fooled into thinking they look good in tapered jeans, the sick joke that’s returned from the ’80s under the new, more deceptive moniker skinny. Anyone fooled into wearing a pair of these should know this: You are wearing tapered jeans.

And to refresh our memories on just why people quit wearing tapered jeans, let’s look at the facts: They make you look fat, or more specifically, unless you are anorexic or one of those freaks endowed with the emaciated, hipless body of a model, they make your ass look enormous. Even if you do have that body, tapered jeans still look stupid on you. Don’t be fooled!
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