Sleepover At The Albuquerque Aquarium

What? A Public Slumber Party? I’m Sorry, But That Sounds Weird.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Weird, but true, and possibly a great place to pick up chicks. The Albuquerque Aquarium has sleepovers several times a year. The next sleepovers will be on February 2 and 16 (there are still some spaces available for the Friday, Feb 2, so hurry). Most participants, I imagine, are single college women, but there are bound to be serial killers, registered sex offenders, undercover narcotics agents and devil worshipers as well. Some parents might bring their kids, too. These events are open to all ages at a cost of $25 per person, but children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (that they know). The sleepovers go from 7pm to 8am the next morning. Call Aquarium Education at 848-7180 to register.
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