Snack Attack No. 10

“The Champ” For Chocolate Lovers

Jennifer Wohletz
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Snack Attack No. 10
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There is one week out of the month when I need chocolate like a drunk needs a bottle of gin. And sfter spying the new Blue Bunny “Champs” chocolate-on-chocolate drumsticks through the foggy glass of the grocery store freezer case, I was ready, willing and able to suck down four of these while in the checkout line.

The second I tore the wrapping off of the first cone, I knew that I had never known true love before then. The cone itself was chocolate, the ice cream was chocolate and it was coated in chocolate then dipped in chocolate crunchies. Screw the crack pipe—this is much, much better (and free from pending arrest).

There is something about Blue Bunny ice cream. I don’t know what they do to it, but it’s the creamiest stuff around. And then, just when you think the ride is over, you get to the chocolate plug. That’s the little stopgap of hard chocolate at the end of the cone point that keeps the ice cream from dripping onto your hand. Slurp. Slurp slurp.

I jumped online (while eating drumstick No. 3) to see what other new and tasty treats were available for purchase. Our PMS relief buddies at the B.B. now also make caramel swirl drumsticks, bite-sized Take 5 ice cream bars, strawberries and cream bars, lemonade bomb pops, Jolly Rancher ice pops, and, drumroll please, Chocolate Caramel Commotion ice cream—chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate covered caramel cups.

For next week I am strongly considering letting an adorable 7-yr.old pick the snack, so stay tuned snackers …


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