Snack Attack No. 13

Kashi Mighty Bites

Jennifer Wohletz
2 min read
Fair trade toy not included
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I’ve observed many nutritional pitfalls since becoming a mother. But as far as shameless-marketing-to-kids strategies go, breakfast cereals take the freaking taco stand.

The first time I went grocery shopping for my new family, I stopped into the breakfast aisle with the 7-year-old in tow and asked him to pick out a healthy one. After vetoing choice after choice (who would want to eat mini Oreos in milk unless they were rockin’ the ganja?) I realized what the problem was. All of the really sugary stuff was located on the two bottom shelves, right on his eye level, while the good stuff was up top where I had a bird’s eye view. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I also discovered that the cereals with the toys in the boxes were all the bad ones—none of the nutritious brands had prizes. You’d think at least the organic stuff would have a little wooden giraffe in the box, or an Al Gore doll or something.

I stumbled upon Kashi’s Mighty Bites while trying to calm the child down from me rejecting the frosted Froot Loops (like they don’t have
enough frickin’ sugar already) by pointing out that not only was the Kashi healthy, but the actual cereal itself was shaped like little people. We bought it, went home, and I tried a handful on for size. Yum! The honey flavored nuggets were indeed shaped like little, naked bald people, and they tasted delicious! Just sweet enough, just crispy enough and just the right price at $2.50 for a 10.4 oz box–I was hooked. And reading the side panel made me feel even better because the whole grain flours, wheat germ and soy protein were in good amounts. Buy this for your kids. Buy it for yourself. Just buy it!! Want more Kashi goodness? Web ‘em at Check out next week when Little Debbie and I have a hot date
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