Snack Attack No. 18

Ben And Jerry’s Crème Brûlée Ice Cream

Jennifer Wohletz
1 min read
Mmmm ... frozen crack.
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I’ve eaten my fair share of cracky-snacky foods. Liquid, solid, animal, vegetable and mineral. And now I have tried frozen crack, and it was good. Really good. Just when I think that Ben and Jerry’s last incarnation was the best ever, they formulate a new flavor that makes me wanna buy it in Roosevelt park at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday.

I adore crème brûlée—from the hard, burnt sugar shell on top to the smooth and creamy custard below. But parlaying the class and unique flavor into a frozen confection is a feat that B&J’s is definitely qualified for, and they pleased me yet again.

The ice cream part is a delectable, icy ecru-colored cream that smacks of old-fashioned custard. It was rich with egg yolk and real dairy cream. And the kicker? The crystallized sugar nuggets scattered throughout were not really endowed with the characteristic burnt sugar taste—they actually closely resembled the sugar pellets found in butter brickle ice cream—but the combination was badass.

Self-control was gone, and the carton was empty.
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