Snack Attack No. 2

Fun Buckets

Jennifer Wohletz
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Be afraid ...
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Deep fried fun … in a bucket! This week’s "Snack Attack" food is a trifecta of family meals in a bucket from our sea-faring friends at Fisher Boy, purveyors of fine fish sticks available over the grocery counter, without a prescription.

I’ll begin with the discovery. I was at my boyfriend’s apartment (he is a 26-year-old single father of a six-year-old, so you can imagine the treats galore in his fridge) pawing through his freezer in search of a bite, when lo and behold, I spotted a Happy Meal box off the starboard bough. It was a bright, attractively colored cardboard box, with a handle, that read in brilliant graphics Seafood Fun Bucket. NEATO!!! A bucket ‘o fish!!!

Boyfriend opened the box to reveal three plastic bags, each containing portions of pre-fried, frozen nuggets. This was the spicy selection, so the goods were buffalo shrimp, “firecracker fries” and “macho nacho fish sticks.” After a few minutes in the broiler, I sampled the suspiciously brightly-hued and tasty-smelling morsels.

The fries were the thin, flavored batter-dipped variety, and upon going cold quite quickly, were limp and chewy. The shrimp was pretty good, but hotter than Dante intended, so I’d use caution when serving them to children. The fish was really weird—the breading appeared normal, but the minced fish filling was the color of nacho cheese. They tasted rather like a Dorito; not bad, but last time I checked, fish outside of Chernobyl Farms aren’t supposed to be that color.

After a bit ‘o research, I found that the other Fun Buckets contain such tantalizing tidbits as “fishin’ rods,” “potato blasts” and “mozza sticks.” Would I buy this stuff? Short answer: no, but if I had kids, probably. I would force them to have a glass of milk and a salad with it, though. I’m chocking them up to harried-family and single-guy food.

Check out next week’s blog, when I answer the burning question: What’s up with all the freaky new candy bars?

Be very ...

Very afraid.

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