Snack Attack No. 20

Lay’s Rosemary And Herb Potato Chips

Jennifer Wohletz
2 min read
Snack the herb, mon.
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There’s a new snack chip every five minutes. There’s a sucker born every fifteen, but a new chip every five. Most of them last about fifteen minutes. Most of them should last about two minutes. I’m sick of pretty much every Thai-buffalo-lime-cheddar-ranch nasty-ass concoction that I’ve been subjected to in the last year. But every so often there is a light at the end of the potato chip tunnel. And that new hope for the sake of snacking humanity is Lay’s Rosemary and Herb potato chips.

Now, granted, I have a professed affinity for herb-flavored anything. I was the first person I knew who bought the squeezy herbs in the tubes, and I adore Wild Oats’ herb popcorn. I even tried to grow herbs last summer, and despite the fact that I killed all of them (even the mint—that takes skill), I still consider myself a farmer at heart. But I digress.

The chips are light and crisp as always, and thanks to the new sunflower oil cooking process, they have a tasty sunflower seed aftertaste. But this new flavor also presents a tangy, Parmesan cheese and mild Italian flavor on each chip. Not bad.

Since I like it, it will undoubtedly go away soon. That’s how it works with cool new things that I get attached to: Crystal Pepsi, Waffle-Os, S’Mores Pop Tarts. OK, I was kidding about the last one, but my separation anxiety is very real. I should stand outside the Lay’s factory and hold up a big sign that says: “Let Me Keep My Herb!” That’ll send them a message.
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