Snack Attack No. 3

New Candy Bars!

Jennifer Wohletz
2 min read
Better than bat guano
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Hershey’s chocolate bars are the wakeup treats and PMS busters of all time. And they never really stop being creative with their product line, serving us up a couple/few new of chocolately creations every year. But, sadly, like any other creative tour de force, they blow out a couple of bombs here and there, and I would personally consider their new S’mores bar to be the ICBM dud of the year. I purchased the slightly undersized bar at a local gas station, and that first bite was painful. And not just because of the sugar. Ostensibly Hershey’s wanted to re-create the campfire taste that is the hallmark of bonfires everywhere, and they have failed at life. The bar is mostly nougat, punctuated with crumbs of a weird granola substance. No roasted marshmallow, no graham cracker goodness, and the chocolate coating is standard fare with nothing exciting.

I also tried the new white chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups, and I was surprised to discover that aside from the pretty white cup, they did not taste one bit different from the original. Bummer. My third taste-test of the week was the new limited edition Extra Crispy Kit Kat Bar. This one redeemed its two compadres, because if you are a Kit Kat fan, this scud’s for you. It was wonderfully crispy, with three times the wafer than the original. And instead of being the little break-away mini-bars, this one’s a big bar, leaving your digits clean at the end. I hope they decide to make sacks of these in minis. And, thanks to the information age, you can actually read the history of every single Hershey’s candy at their ample website, found at C’mon, what else do you have to right now?

Blog us again next week for my professional assessment of the new Cap’n Crunch cereal.
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