Snack Attack No. 7

Corn Snack

Jennifer Wohletz
2 min read
Corn snacks that make you glad to be alive.
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So I heard from a co-worker that La Montanita has a killer treat, simply called “corn snack.” (One thing I’ve always loved about the organic food industry is their penchant for the keep-it-real names for products.) I moseyed into the store, asked for the snack, and was led back to bulk foods. The bin was empty, indicating to me that, indeed, corn snack was popular.

The sweeties at the co-op had a backup box in the back, which they brought out and used to promptly refill the bin. I was in business. I also spied an interesting looking mix a few bins down, which was aptly named ‘chocolate nut crunch trail mix.” I bought a quarter pound of both, and went home to watch
Mad Max and take my snacks for a test drive all the way to the Thunderdome. The trail mix was awesome, containing a generous blend of chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate and peanut butter coated raisins and nuts, almonds, peanuts and raisins.

But the corn snack was something to write home about. It was like a hybrid mix of corn nuts and those yummy half-popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bag. They are absolutely addicting, lightly salted and crunchy as can be. By the time the movie was over, I realized that I didn’t need another hero, I only needed more corn snack. I went to the website to discover the purveyors of my favorite new snack, and it turns out a couple from the farmlands of Minnesota were working on a new ethanol fuel recipe in their kitchen when there was an explosion—their GLAD CORN®
brand “A-Maizing Corn Snack” was conceived. And to my great joy and delight, corn snack comes in flavors like jalapeño, BBQ and cheddar. And the news that sent me over the edge? You can visit their website and get free samples!!!

For more info on organic and the wonderful co-op where I found the grindage, web ‘em here

Check out my act next week when I hit the drive-thru and test out some new fast-food creations.
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