Snarl Of The Skunk Ape

It’s Been A Busy Week For The Yeti

Nick Brown
2 min read
A painting, lovingly rendered by someone even more yeti-obsessed than I
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One time my wife got attacked by a yeti. Luckily, she caught the whole thing on video.

There’s another exciting new yeti clip from Mount Tamalpais in California. Apparently, the guy just “had his camcorder running” (!?) but didn’t see the yeti until he reviewed the footage later. See him there? By the tree?

The biggest buzz, however, is about this footage from Texas that was captured with motion-tirggered night-vision cameras. I, personally, could barely see anything – you don’t even really know where to be looking or for what. Sorry you have to sit through the news story to see it, too – it was the only version I could locate on youtube.

For some reason, the mainstream news media has also latched onto a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) expedition scheduled to take place in Michigan. It sounds very official, but BFRO plans lots of these snipe hunts every year, including one in the Jemez Mountains this August that I can’t seem to stop talking about. Now, you can’t join the BFRO, you can only be invited to join, and the best way to get invited is to go on a bunch of expeditions with them. The expeditions cost $300 per person or $600 per car and attendance is limited. Also, the BFRO site claims that in all but three of their 30 open expeditions so far they’ve gotten close enough to at least hear the yetis.

Really? What am I, a five-year-old?

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