Snort Of The Yeti

Carl Petersen
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In 1982, I had a Class B Bigfoot sighting while fishing in the Jemez Mountains. To be more precise, my brother and I heard two loud coughing snorts echo through the canyon at sunset. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, there have been a surprising number of Bigfoot sightings in New Mexico. For example, an experienced elk hunter reported frightening growls in the same county where I heard my frightening snorts:

Contrary to popular belief, the famous “Patterson Footage” has never been conclusively debunked. Modern computer paranoia offers you the frame by frame footage without camera jitters here:

To see the latest film footage of Bigfoot click here:

I think I left my bong behind that bush.

In other cryptozoological news, a squadron of underpaid scientists recently invaded some hidden jungles in the mountains of Jakarta and discovered 12 trillion new species:,,1704781,00.html

One frog that died under observation reportedly spoke English and had an important message for mankind.

In 1966 I saw the Easter Bunny.

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