Soc It To Ya

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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It’s hard to imagine a bigger waste of time than spending several consecutive hours watching sports on TV. Still, I’ve been known to indulge from time to time. I’m definitely hooked on the World Cup, running between now and July 9, mainly on Spanish-speaking Channel 41. Thankfully, it only occurs once every four years.

In our house, we have to cheer for the Netherlands (they won their first match against Serbia and Montenegro on Saturday), but I’ll support pretty much anyone other than Brazil. Yeah, they’re clearly the best, and they put the beauty in “the beautiful game,” and everyone will be shocked if they don’t win, but I prefer underdogs—Trinidad and Tobago, for example, which tied in their first-ever world-cup match on Saturday. They’re ranked 47th in the world.

The U.S. will be starting its first match, against the Czech Republic, in a few minutes.
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