Soliloquist Of Sound

Kyle Eustice
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Soliloquist of Sound
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Though retired battle rapper Astronautalis never really put down the microphone, he did pull a 180 and start making music that blurs the line between indie-rock and hip-hop. Arrogant and aggressive rhymes have dissipated. An aural vista fills the void. His second studio album, 2006’s The Mighty Ocean and Nine Dark Theaters , displays a tricky blend of hip-hop, ambient sounds and iridescent indie guitar, while 2008’s Pomegranate offers more of a country feel. Astronautalis is crisscrossing the states spouting a spoken-word style of rap. "Expect 20 percent more sweating, 33 percent more yelling and all of the whiskey in the world," Astronautalis jokes. Catch the wordsmith Monday when he plays at the Moonlight Lounge with Me & You.
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