Some Listings For Burt’s Tiki Lounge Are Incorrect In This Week’s Print Edition Of The Alibi!

Here’s The Real Deal.

Nick Brown
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Some listings for BurtÕs Tiki Lounge are incorrect in this weekÕs print edition of the Alibi!
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How could the Alibi get Burt’s listings wrong? Well, it was my fault. I missed corrections for Friday 9/23, Monday 9/26 and Tuesday 9/27. Here’s what’s really happening over there on those days:

FRIDAY 9/23:
Ekscalico, Mark E. Moon and Sad Baby Wolf! (Please note that Oktober People is not on the bill!)

MONDAY 9/26:
Breaking Laces and Elected Officials! (Elected Officials were added to the bill.)

Obelisk, This Day’s Light and As We In! (Obelisk was added to the bill in place of Of All Forms.)
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