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Alibi Sedition Story Goes National

Laura Marrich
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Steve is too modest to post this himself, so I'm doing it for him.

Steven Robert Allen's recent NewsCity piece “Big Brother is Watching” [link], which details the investigation of local VA nurse for “sedition” due to a letter printed in the Alibi, has been picked up and posted at, the Association of Alternative Newspapers (AAN) story-sharing site. That's quite an accomplishment in our little incestuous industry!

Not only that, but since the Alibi's story broke other local and national media outlets have tuned into the story with coverage of their own.

Two examples that I'm aware of include an article in Madison, WI-based watchdog magazine The Progressive (whose laureates include the George Polk Award for Magazine Reporting, the Utne Independent Press Award for Political Coverage). See it here [link].

Also, last weekend, the Albuquerque Tribune ran an opinion piece courtesy of Managing Editor Kate Nelson. It's here [link].

There'll be more come … you can count on that. ed hi

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