Something Tells Me Native Americans Weren’t Buying Enough Nike Shoes

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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I’ve been trying to eat healthy this year, and I gotta say, it’s not so easy on the old wallet. Organic fruits and vegges cost more. Good, low-fat cuts of meat are pricey. What’s cheap (and often really good, too)? Stuff that comes in a can, those microwave burritos that hardly cost anything, fast food, anything with heaps of corn syrup in it.

Look, I know I’m not unveiling anything revolutionary when I say that poor people often have poor food options. But I’m willing to bet economy contributes to the rise of obesity and diabetes among Native Americans.

Notice, however, that I’m not blaming their footwear. Nike, however, has invented an athletic shoe just for Native Americans. It’s called the Air Native N7. It’s going to have a Native American “look” and will fit Native American feet, which the company says are taller and wider than white people feet. Though you’ve got to wonder if all the tribes have the same shape of foot. Jezebel wrote some interesting stuff about it today, too.

It’s the first time Nike’s ever designed a shoe for a certain race or ethnicity. But if all anyone needs is a pair of Nike shoes to get healthier, than a shoehorse such as myself should have trimmed down a long time ago. I wonder if they work if you just wear them while watching TV and eating cheap pizza?

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