Stalks And Curds Goulash

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A tantalizing glimpse into the e-mail culture at Alibi headquarters.

Thane Kenny:

Just went to Schlotzsky’s and indulged in the “Brockley Cheese” soup. (I shit you not. That’s what it says.)

Not too bad while it’s still scaldingly hot, but if you let it cool off, it reverts to oil and yellow powder. And the broccoli reverts to … well, brockley, I guess.

Molly Lindsay:

Goulash comes from “gulya”—hungarian herdsmen. My mom used to make goulash when I was little. Ugh. But then again we’re not hungarian so maybe she didn’t know the secret to the recipe. Those memories make the brockley “soup” sound tasty.

Martin Candelaria:

Goulash has become synonymous with a sort of “empty-the-fridge-before-it-goes-bad” soup/stew with extra cabbage, paprika and vinegar.

The Mexican version is called chimisturri. You start with making a veggie type broth and then add things like potatoes, cabbage, zucchini (blech), corn and anything else that can bulk up a soup pot. It’s all peasant food.

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