Stanislav Petrov May Have Saved Your Life

Christie Chisholm
1 min read
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Sometimes life is all about the gut. Well, maybe not the gut, but gut instinct, anyway. We should all be thankful (especially those of us in the good ol' U.S. of A.) that Stanislav Petrov trusted his gut exactly 22 years ago, yesterday. On Sept. 26, 1983, he may very well have saved your life, by saving the United Stated from nuclear devastation. What? You haven't memorized this date along with all the other useful trivia that came prepackaged with your high school world history class? Tsk, tsk. Well, now's your chance to redeem yourself.

A friend of the family sent this link along to me last night. Who knows how he came across it, but regardless, it makes for an interesting lesson in how little we know, after all. Enjoy, and be grateful that some folks still hold stock in their gut.

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