Step Away From The Animal

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
If Steve Irwin had really respected nature, he would have left it alone.
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The entire world seems to be in mourning for Steve Irwin, the Aussie wackjob who made his fame and fortune by aggravating dangerous animals on film while simultaneously proclaiming how much he loves and respects nature. Irwin died this weekend while shooting a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. A stingray somehow barbed him straight through the heart, killing him immediately. Sadly, his death was all too predictable. Irwin was most likely molesting the poor thing. This was, after all, his schtick, and he made a ton of money doing it.

Truthfully, Irwin offended me. I know this is a radical notion, but I honestly believe the best way to honor nature is to mess with it as little as possible. It’s sad that Irwin died, but it’s a huge mistake to pretend he was some kind of hero. He wasn’t. He was just a loud, obnoxious jackass who tormented animals for a living. What is there to celebrate in that?
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