Steven Seagal At Anodyne?

Nick Brown
1 min read
“Circle gets the square.”
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Hollywood action hero Steven Seagal is filming in Albuquerque. If anyone out there knows the details of his project, please pipe in. All I know is that the Anodyne was supposed to be closed Wednesday night (12/13/06) so they could film some fight scenes in there.

Last night Seagal himself sat at the bar, according to Anodyne’s regular Monday night bartender, not half an hour before this thirsty reporter made it in. Seagal, it seems, was unimpressed with the Anodyne as a set and expressed a desire to shoot the scenes in “more of a club atmosphere.” No word yet on whether or not filming will proceed as planned or if the Anodyne will take Wednesday off regardless.

However, there is one glitch in the story. Anodyne’s bartender commented that Seagal was short and pudgy. He may be pudgy, but at 6’4” I wouldn’t call him short. At least not to his face.
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