Street Theatre Brigade

Simon McCormack
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Street Theatre Brigade
The Clown Rally in November. (Erin Adair-Hodges)
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Albuquerque’s very own Street Theatre Brigade is hosting an open meeting for folks interested in joining in on their shenanigans. From my experience covering the group’s clown rally on City Hall, I can attest that these guys are fairly bananas. Here’s a press release for the meeting:

Tuesday, March 3rd

4:00 pm

Room B427, UNM Center for the Arts

(downstairs from Popejoy hall)

We want to invite any and all community members to come participate in the creation and execution of our urban pranks/radical street performances/subversive theatrics/public shenanigans.

Past missions of the Street Theatre Brigade include: The Slow Motion Race, Wal Mart Zombies, Sidewalk Bikram’s Yoga, the Wall of Dance at Abq Uptown and the Downtown Clown Rally.

More info can be found at

The mission of the Street Theatre Brigade is to provide a space and an opportunity for young artists to develop original, collaborative, radical works of theatrical performance, and to bring that work to the public spaces of the City of Albuquerque.

Using traditional and contemporary performance techniques, we create theatre that engages in artistic dialogue with the cultural landscape of the Albuquerque community.
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