Stuff I Didn’t Really Understand Until I Was In My 30S

Edith P. Giblets
1 min read
Stuff I DidnÕt Really Understand Until I Was in My 30s
My thirtysomething friends and I are multiracial and own multiple hypogenic cloths for cleaning eyeglasses.
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Now, I’m no dummy, but it took me awhile to fully grasp a few seemingly simple ideas:

Paying your bills on time isn’t just encouraged, but kind of necessary.

Flossing is good and will save you money on dental expenses, which you can then use to pay bills on time.

Change the oil in your car.

Drunk consumption of multiple donuts helps no one.

It’s OK if people like different music than you, even if it’s Tool.

I’m sure there are others, but I’m still learning not to procrastinate and am behind on some work and don’t have time to go into it. Is there anything it took you many years of adulthood to get, even though it’s fairly obvious?

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