Stumbling Into Bizarro World

Christie Chisholm
3 min read
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I have a special treat for all you web-nerds out there. Then again, if you're a web-nerd you probably already know about my little surprise … so this is a special treat for all you closeted web-nerds.

OK, are you ready? I'm going to share one of my favorite hobbies with you. But first, let me warn you … once I confess this addictive pastime, you may forsake your work for days, forget meals, casually disregard your chores, and your friends might start complaining about your personal hygiene. But it just might be worth it. For a while now I've harbored a wondrous little secret called Stumble ( It's amazing. It's free. And it will change the way you view the Internet.

Here's the dirt: It's a toolbar that you can add to the top of your browser which allows you to surf webpages in a way you never thought imaginable. Just click on the “Stumble” button and be transported into online worlds of mythology, history, psychology or just the plain ol' bizarre. What makes it different from other surf engines is that it only presents webpages that other people have recommended (and the occasional loner). In other words, it connects you to a community of other Stumblers. You can set up your preferences to surf any array of topics your little heart desires. So if you're into comic books, archaeology and capitalism, you can choose to only surf pages with those topics. Or soccer, magic and rock music. Or gardening, futurism and the paranormal.

Anyway, enough talk. Do what you want with this newly bestowed information, just proceed with caution.

To get you started (the first rock of crack is always free), here are some of my favorite sites from the last couple days. Enjoy.

Read more than 225 newspapers from 55 countries every day

Their Circular Life (I'm not explaining this one, figure it out for yourself)

Want to know how to make a shirt out of a dollar bill?

The Miniature Earth

Way cool photography site

Plus, one wacky one where you get to poke a penguin

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