Super Bowl Preview

Simon McCormack
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Super Bowl Preview
It was close the last time these two teams met.
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I don’t know if they can beat the Patriots, but I’m pretty darn sure the New York Giants can beat the spread. At last check, the Giants were 12 point underdogs, and I for one believe the game is going to be a bit closer than that.

Both teams haven’t looked especially sharp, but with two weeks ago, the Patriot’s defense looked suspect against the Chargers while the Giants essentially shut down the Packers second-ranked offense in the second half.

I think it’ll come down to whether Eli Manning can avoid making costly mistakes. His counterpart, Tom Brady, is slightly hobbled with a bad ankle and could have trouble avoiding the Giants’ pass rush.

Unlike what some sports pundits have suggested, I don’t think Eli will have to play an unbelievable game to win. He can’t fear throwing it long on occasion, but I doubt the Patriots will be able to stop the run as affectively as some are predicting.

Go Giants!
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