Super Tuesday Cram Session

Amy Dalness
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Super Tuesday Cram Session
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For you registered Democrats, tomorrow’s a big day. Two candidates (at least still officially in the race), one vote, four years of national and foreign policy potentially on the line.

How much time have you really put into studying? Fortunately, the quiz isn’t until tomorrow, so there’s some time to cram. Here is a list of sites to help you cast an informed vote, one that could shape the political rhetoric for the big test in November.

First off, where do I vote? The County Clerk’s Office website should help you find out.

What exactly is my vote doing? Find out at the Democratic Party of New Mexico website.

I didn’t watch any of the debates, what the heck spewed out of my candidates’ mouths? Here’s a transcript of last Thursday’s debate in Los Angeles.

I watched (or read) the debate, what the heck kind of BS spewed out of my candidates’ mouths? found a few "factual missteps" in what Clinton and Obama said.

• Clinton and Obama are both in the Senate.
What do their voting records indicate?

• Read what
Obama and Clinton had to say in recent New Mexico campaign stops. Or visit their websites (, for more official statements.
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