Superdelegates Charge!

Marisa Demarco
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Superdelegates Charge!
It is not wrong to wear a cape in one’s basement while drinking purple and yellow beverages. It is not wrong to ...
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They’re not given flowing capes or shiny Spandex. They do not wear their underwear outside their clothes (to the best of my knowledge).

Meet New Mexico’s superdelegates. Their superpower? They can vote at the 2008
Democratic National Convention anyway they’d like–regardless of how you state Democrats may have voted in the primary.

And let’s hope the NM Dems get those ballots counted before Friday. That’s the national party’s deadline.

I’ve been wondering: Just who are these superdelegates? At long last, I have found
this list.

We have 11. After all of Obama’s wins yesterday, the
Associated Press puts him only 12 delegates ahead of Clinton today.

Some have predicted the Obama-Clinton scale tip could come down to these 11 New Mexican politicos–with or without their capes. Remember it only takes a simple majority, one more delegate than the other candidate, to fly, fist raised, to victory.
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