Sweet, Sweet Ride

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Why are most new bicycles so freakin’ ugly? It’s one of those mysteries of nature. I recently bought a ’50s-era junker from a lady who was cleaning out her barn. I spent very close to nothing on it. It’s a true beauty.

My new ride is what we here at the
Alibi like to refer to as an Amy Dalness Special. I replaced the tubes, the tires and a few spokes, greased up the chain, tightened up the headset, trued up the rims as best I could, and it was ready to roll. (Thanks to the expert folks at the Bike Coop for helping me out with the wheels.)

It’s a genuine death trap, of course, but it’s still a sweet ride. I took it up the hill from Downtown to Nob Hill last week, and it was a pretty easy trek, despite the elderliness of my one-gear steed. Anyway, I just had the seat reupholstered, but I think I’m going to leave the heavily damaged paint job on the frame. Might as well let the poor thing wear its years with pride.
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